Press and Reviews

"Any adult who loves beats and rhymes faces a quandary in how to share their love of rap with their children, since nothing remotely resembling hip-hop is part of today's pre-teen music scene. The Kuzins might just be able to fill that void....their delivery is both cute and forceful without seeming like a novelty...the CD marks a welcome, funky departure from a kids'-music landscape that takes its cues largely from rock and folk."
Evan Narcisse, Time Out New York Kids
"Parents who like rap and hip-hop have trouble sharing it with their kids, since most of it's inappropriate, so this cleaned-up version sung by kids is a safe, great introduction. The beats are fun and funky and well-crafted..."It's A Kid's Thing" is a good way to say hello to hip-hop."
Charlie Heller, New York Post
"Krazy Kuzins is about as cool and hip as children's music gets. With original hip-hop beats combined with clean and educational lyrics about everything from school days to dreams this debut album is tons of fun."
Allison Hatfield, The Examiner
"Boys Vs Girls" - Finalist in the 2008 International Songwriting Competition KrazyKuzins music is currently being played across the US on all of the major cable networks (Cablevision, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, etc...) on the "Toddler Tunes" music channel.